Friday, November 5, 2010

Hello who's ever out there. I just got back from Costa Rica & I can't seem to get my timeclock quite right. As a result I have insomnia. So I thought maybe just try to get my mind off sleep & hopefully I will just get tired & soon be able to sleep. Because laying in the bed wishing for sleep is just not working. So as I said I just got back from Costa Rica. I got to see the Pacific this time!! WOW, it was beautiful. And I had a really nice time w/ my MOM. We really got to just relax & enjoy each other's company. Arenas Del Mar was perfect! It was exactly like the you tube video - literally. We were at the edges of the rainforest & still right on the beach. The people were lovely. Oh man I miss that deck in our Ocean Suite. I could just live on that deck - read good books, take afternoon jacuzzi's in fresh rainforest water & drink my banana smoothies all day. Oh I miss those fresh banana smoothies so much & the sounds of the ocean & the rainforest just peacefully putting me to sleep every night! I will post some pictures because my words don't do this amazing resort and nature preserve justice.

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