Friday, September 17, 2010


Well, I had a really nice day today. When I woke up I decided right away I was going to do something new. I almost changed my mind. I was just home reading and hanging out with my doggies. (my babies - ROSIE , & LOOPS) But I pushed myself to get out. I went downtown & walked around for a while. I really enjoyed it!! My creative juices started flowing again - THANK GOD! And as a result I've got some great new design ideas for my jewelry. People may not believe this, but I actually LOVE working. (designing) It's just I don't feel creative everyday. TODAY I had an epiphany. I can still work on days when those juices aren't flowing! I can study more about how to run my business. I am an artist not a business woman. And I can't just expect things to just happen all on there own. Today I had an idea to maybe try to put together a really short e-mail (type newsletter) and send it to a few friends and family about what I'm working on and also just to say hello. I need to take more time to cultivate relationships that will help w/ my business & my life! I have so much to learn and I know that there are people out there willing to share their knowledge. I would be a fool not to ask for help or opinions. And I hope I have knowledge & gifts that I can share w/ others to help them. This is what I really want to do w/ my life. And I know deep in my soul that this is what I am supposed to be doing. I create and it's a great gift, but now I must also market. So starting now I am going to study about basic home businesses and how they actually work. I am also going to ask people I know for any advice they are willing to give. I've never been very good at asking for help. I don't know why. It's always just made me feel stupid and uncomfortable. But you know what how the hell am I going to learn without asking for help? (LIGHTBULB) So yes today I am happy. And WOW it feels great. So tomorrow I am going to wake up and be thankful for my life, my gifts, and my few friends and WONDERFUL SUPPORTIVE Family. I need to stay in this positive Light!! (it attracts more positive Light) I know there will be days I will find it hard to get out of bed, but I am going to do my best to remind myself on those days that if I can do just even one thing - accomplish one thing that maybe those days won't be as hard or as many. So this is my starting point. Happiness doesn't just happen we have to work for it, and that's what makes it so rewarding! True? I will admit I'm a little scared. But maybe that's normal. I want to prove to myself I can do this and stick w/ it. So I've got some work ahead of me!! If anyone out there has any words of wisdom or advice about business I would LOVE to hear it. Or just stories to tell that would be great. I've spent too much time alone the past 10 years, and that is now going to change. I'd love to meet some new friends and hear about their lives. I do not want to be an Island anymore. I want to enjoy my life and give it some meaning. I can't think of anything better. Thanks for listening. PEACE & LOVE ALWAYS, La (my name is Lauren but people call me La) and occasionally they call me YOUNGBLOOD - which is also cool. It's my last name and I LOVE it. I will never change it again! I was so glad to get it back 10 years ago. Get my drift? Well I hope whoever reads this has a wonderful day and people who don't read it - you too enjoy!! And please share if you ever feel like it. Hope to talk w/ you soon. Oh - ROSIE & LOOPS would also like to send out some love & Light! Okay now I'm really finished!! LATER

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