Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hello, Oh yes me again. This is going to be it!! At least for a week. I'm going to see if I still like in a week. It's simple, but at least it's pleasing to the eye. I think I thought I had to have something really bold that would JUMP off the page - NOT SO!!! Okay so I guess it's time to actually start thinking OUTLOUD. I warn my thoughts will run the gamet, and at times just seem like I'm not living in the real world. But that's me. I am a dreamer. At least I always have been until recently when I realized I had just accepted what my life had become. I realized I had stopped dreaming. Now that's NOT a good place to be in. I thought what's my purpose for being here? Do I offer anything to this world? Have I brought anything to the table? Then I decided to pick myself up, and brush myself off. I decided I was going to make my life mean something. I was going to start using the gifts I'd been given. I was also going to start once again just being thankful for every day.

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